Choosing the Perfect Wine to Give As a Gift

Wine can always make an incredibly classy gift for any birthday, anniversary, wedding, or retirement party. It can be a great thank you gift, house warming present, or hostess gift at a dinner party. The only tricky part to giving wine is determining the tastes of the recipient, but with a few wine choosing tips you should be able to pick something that will be much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed.

A Casual Gift of Wine

If you’re unsure of the type of wine your gift recipient enjoys, sticking to a white variety will be your safest choice. Because white wines are usually sweeter and lighter they are usually enjoyed more often by those who may not drink wine regularly. Examples of popular wines that are smooth and easy to drink would be White Zinfandel, Riesling, or Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay is a bit drier but may be a good choice if you have an idea of your gift recipient’s tastes to some degree.

Buying For a Wine Enthusiast

For those who drink wine more often and can appreciate a more complex or bitter flavour, a decent bottle of red wine can make an excellent gift. Merlots are usually on the sweeter side for a red wine while a Pinot Noir will be more bitter and intense. Red wine has a higher tannin content which gives wine that mouth puckering sensation. Because of the unique flavours found in red wine, this type of wine is best given to an experienced wine drinker.

Give Them Something to Experience

You may intend to give your gift to an avid wine drinker, in which case you may want to impress them and find a wine they’ve never tried before. If it’s within your budget, looking for a rare vintage could make your gift a big hit. If you’re unsure about the different varieties of wine, be sure to buy your gift from a retailer that can provide expert feedback and advice.

Wine Gift Baskets

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift basket of any type, and a wine gift basket can be perfect for so many occasions. Because you’re giving multiple items at once, you can afford having a few hit and miss wines in the basket. Adding some cheese, crackers, or chocolates can be a nice touch and will be appreciated by everyone at the party if your recipient opens and shares their gift on the spot.

When you aren’t sure what to get, sticking to a white wine will be your safest option. For any celebratory types of occasions, a nice Champagne or sparkling wine can give a fun and exciting touch to your gift. Even if you buy something your recipient doesn’t normally drink, you may be introducing them to a new flavour they’ll come to love.



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